Dreamy and heartwarming

17:47The European Quartet

Contemporary design from Poland

We are very happy to introduce as our second guest to the contemporary design series in the European Quartet, Natalia from Poland, the creator of the heartwarming world of Diploo Studio®!

1, What was your first step on this journey? How did you start?
Our first step was a long time ago, when we were just children. The comic book by a very talented polish comic author and illustrator T. Baranowski, "The adventures with Diplodok the dragon" was a huge favourite. From this title we came up with our studio's name: Diploo. The world is vibrant with colours and surrealistic in these stories - very intense, it has greatly influenced our childhood minds. The variety of characters and details in this book were tremendous and yes, it keeps influencing us even today.
My Dear Deer Friend

2, What is your choice of style?
Our style lies on the edge of art and deisgn. It is a world of natural inspirations, full of memories from our childhood: creatures, landscapes, children's games, illustrations, toys etc... We are trying to develope our individual design language, using noble materials like ceramic and hand crafts skills.

Kalait Lenoo

3, What do you consider most important in your products? 
The most important thing is the story that lies behind each product. It's our goal to bring back the child-like, emotional climate and conclude it in a sculptural form, sometimes useful and sometimes funny, just to bring some joy to everyday life.

Water Bear

4, What was your first product? 
Our first product was the Little Deer. The story behind him is very funny, and all I can say right now that it was kind of an accident;) but of course deers are very beautiful to us and they are always present in every child’s storage of toys.

Little Deer

5, What is your favourite subject? 
Our favourite subject are good ghosts, hidden creatures and cute animals. We are working right now on a huge project called "Woods" that will resemble ghosts from the woods of our imagination.

Singing Brownies

6, Do you sell internationally? Can we buy online?
Yes, we do sell internationally. So far we shipped our products to USA, Canada, Russia, Hong Kong, and all over Europe. Please contact us by e-mail in English for your order: diploo.design@gmail.com

Also, please visit our Facebook page! https://www.facebook.com/DiplooDesign