Lovely and fresh, contemporary design from Hungary

17:24The European Quartet

We are very happy to introduce our new series about contemporary design in the European Quartet! As our first guest we have Heni with us from Hungary, the creator of the beloved Folqa Collection®! 

1, What was your first step on this journey? How did you start?
For a very long time we have had an opinion about Hungarian souvenir market, that it lacks a special range of products in their offer: young tourists have a hard time finding modern souvenir representing Hungary. We are a young couple from marketing and media business with a great interest in tourism and folk art. As I fell out of job due to maternity leave, I felt an inspiration to restart my career, and try to follow my dreams by giving an answer to this demand. We created a rudimentary model figure from clay and had a lot of fun contacting suppliers and professionals, putting down the stepping stones of our new enterprise.

2, What is your choice of style?
We asked our friend, Zoltán Novák, who is a creative artist having an enormous experience in modernizing and rebranding municipalities, vineyards, hotels, festivals. He was keen on launching Folqa Collection artwork with us. He integrated original local folk motifs with humour, character and contemporary design.

Herdsman, the persistent

3, What do you consider most important in your products?
Our mission is to reestablish respect of traditional motifs in the design market. Folqa characters make you think for a moment, you look the motifs cautiously, read their messages, and you get to know a lot about Hungary unintentionally.

Wrangler, the skilful

4, What was your first product?
We started with the six polyresin figure. In a very short time one of them, Igazságos Betyár ("Outlaw, the Just") became the most popular. Originally this character is something like Robin Hood for the Anglo-Saxon medieval mythology.

Outlaw, the just

5, What is your newest item?
This summer our product portfolio was extended to kitchen items: a set of placemats and coasters, and fridge magnets. One would think, these are the age old top hits on souvenir market, and there is nothing special about them, however if it has a good design one would like to own a new set now and then. Our motto is: "Souvenirs that Hungarians can be proud of". We would be very happy to see the recognition of Hungary grow through our products, and we hope the people on the recieving end of these gifts would visit Hungary! 

6, Where can we buy your products? Do you have an online shop? 
You can find our products in most of the souvenir shops in Budapest, and we have an online shop as well for those who can not visit our homeland just now!

Website and Online shop

Also, visit our Facebook page! 

Potter, the focused

Splitter, the cautious

Thatcher, the Eco-Friendly